More and more computers are infected with malware, like never before, and yet almost all computers purchased claim to be protected by the best antivirus software. This simply means that antivirus software can’t be the only form of protection we rely on.

At some point, you or your company may have fallen victim to malware schemes. Some examples are the numerous websites that offer free gifts after you or an employee submit some details. This is an easy way to get malware. To protect yourself, here are some tips:

  • Purchase genuine antivirus software from legitimate, well-known companies.
  • Avoid unnecessary software downloads from the internet and unreliable sources.
  • Avoid opening up emails and clicking on links from unreliable sources. It’s good to just delete them OR even better - create a phishing reporting procedure through your IT department or consultant so that suspicious emails are forwarded as secured attachments to the designated point of contact to investigate further.
  • Avoid clicking on email links from banks and governments as they do not communicate sensitive information via email.  If in doubt, call up the organization or sender.
  • Your network firewall should be activated, upgraded and maintained continuously.
  • Make a point to regularly install updates for software and operating systems, even if you don’t feel like it.  (Your IT department or consultant can show you how to schedule updates or scan your computer to view update status.)

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