This is probably the question that crosses most people’s minds, especially when they read about large companies being hacked. This is because they consider their businesses to be small.  However, a hack attack can cripple any company, no matter how large or small. A business should consider these factors below to help thwart a hack or cyber attack. A free cybersecurity health check report can also test for 1500+ vulnerabilities & weaknesses exposing your business and employees to critical issues and cyber attacks.

Use Secure Wireless Connections
Advanced technology has seen many businesses adopting wireless connections, often referred to as  Wi-Fi connections. These are not fully secure and can offer cyber criminals direct access to your secure systems. To protect yourself from hackers, make sure sensitive ports are protected from unsecure Wi-Fi connections and also consider boosting your protection with password and antivirus apps and software.

Understand Cloud Breaches, Encryption, and Hybrid Clouds
Cloud storage is popular for many businesses, but it is not completely safe. You can protect your company and customer data by understanding cloud breaches. Encryption is encouraged for every file stored and sometimes you can create a hybrid cloud that distributes data while also protecting sensitive data.

Understand DDoS attacks
DDoS attacks are processes associated with most hacking incidents  involving internet centered businesses. They jam your servers with unnecessary traffic, locking out legitimate data. Using a virtual private network (VPN) or Content Distribution Network (CDN) can help mask your business IP addresses from hackers. Alternatively, you can lease more space on your network.

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