Loss of important and sensitive business data can hurt any business, and highly publicized cyber attacks or natural disasters can add further losses. Here are some ways to secure and back up company data for better peace of mind:

  • Encryption and strong password protection of vital data backups to ensure it’s safe from unauthorized users
  • Store backup data in multiple satellite locations -  in case one location is lost due to a disaster, you can always access redundant copies in several other secured locations.
  • Ensure the data backups are working by occasional restoration and review. (Data backup is not an expensive process, maintaining it on a long-term basis can be automated after it is carefully set up.)
  • Make sure your data backup plan and business continuity plan covers scenarios like natural disasters, including floods, fires, earthquakes, and pandemics. Even if the chances of a disaster happening seems unlikely, a company must plan for all types of emergencies and have contingency plans.

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