A cyber attack can steal valuable company and customer data silently, which makes it twice as dangerous. Here’s how to choose the best antivirus program:

Use Well Known and Reputable Antivirus Products
As a result of many cyber security threats, the market is full of antivirus programs that promise a quick fix to your security problems. Stick to antivirus brands that have been tested and proven to work.  If in doubt, ask your IT department or consultant for recommendations - they will be glad to help you.

Conduct Research and User Reviews
Before you settle for any antivirus program, you should research its capabilities. Research user reviews and legitimate test results available online, just to be sure it suits your needs.

Expensive Does Not Always Mean It’s Effective
An expensive antivirus program does not necessarily mean it's the best choice - and sometimes the best products are cheaper or even free. You should not rely entirely on prices when choosing an antivirus program, instead base your decision on performance record, brand, test results, and expert recommendations for your particular situation.

While important, remember that Antivirus Software is just a small part of the solution.

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