The Vulnerability Assessment and the Penetration Assessment are two important determinants of security management which should be conducted for your business.

Vulnerability Assessment
The vulnerability assessment or test is a process of identifying and quantifying the security vulnerabilities in a certain environment. This information can be used to appropriately plan, budget, and make improvements to ensure that risks are within acceptable low margins. Results can be used to develop counter measures to protect against a serious breach or incident.

Penetration Assessment
A penetration assessment or test is a targeted legal cyber attack test conducted on a selected company with the sole purpose of breaching the secured information and defenses of the company. The “hacker”recruited to do this tries to exploit the company’s security loopholes and weaknesses. This legal cyber attack is always approved beforehand with a company’s knowledge and consent. Penetration assessments extend to other areas of the network and company to focus on areas like social engineering attacks (manipulation of people and users) and physical security.

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And so, these two security assessments work together to ensure the company and employees understand and test their risks and vulnerabilities to prepare for any cyber attacks before they occur. They are valuable tools as part of a comprehensive cyber security plan and management program.
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