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Nearly 1/3 of all cybersecurity breaches are known to be from internal sources within your company, and are often unintentional. This simply means your employees could be the cause of many of your company’s cybersecurity incidents. These security breaches could be a result of the following:

Poor Knowledge of Security Risks
The mere act of accessing or downloading favorite music or files from unreliable websites on the company computer is enough to cause a security breach. All employees, contractors, and interns should be trained to raise awareness and improve cyber hygiene to prevent these types of risks.

Vulnerability to Phishing Schemes
Employees are easily vulnerable to phishing schemes that hackers use to gain access to company passwords and systems - all a hacker needs is one employee to click a link or divulge a password to let the hacker in the “door.” People should be cautious about opening emails, content and links from unreliable sources. It is good to just delete them OR even better - create a phishing policy and action plan through your IT department or consultant.

Use of private devices on company networks
Most people have no idea of the risk they bring to the company by using unsecured private devices on the company computer and network. Unlike company devices which are usually protected with necessary antivirus software and other protective measures, private devices have the potential of introducing malware and viruses into the company’s system which can result in a costly security breach. Make sure you have an updated BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device) that complies with your cyber risk insurance. (Contact us today for a recommended provider.)

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