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IT staff members who are busy sometimes forget to be nice. They may be oblivious to the fact that they can come across as unapproachable or intimidating. Alternatively, there might be 1-2 “favorite” IT staff members because of their approachability - but they often become overwhelmed if most of the questions and IT tickets are directed to them. This problem is magnified during an emergency or cyber attack, when clear communications and teamwork are vital. Here are some reasons why IT department staff members and consultants should try to be nice and patient, along with an internal customer service mindset.

Prevent Cyber Attacks
Employees who lack cyber security awareness and training can be the reason why a company suffers a cyber attack. This can be avoided if IT staff members are approachable enough to answer questions and IT tickets promptly and courteously, as well as to help train employees to use the internet and IT resources responsibly. (This is also why Revamp Cybersecurity offers our “Ask Us Anything” service for free. Questions are encouraged, and we know that sometimes user/employee questions can be clues to larger important issues that need to be addressed.)

Prevent Loss of Data
Many employees take advantage of their company’s free internet and programs to conduct personal tasks or research to “surf the web.” Improper internet usage by employees can open back doors that can expose the company. Patient and friendly training by IT staff or consultants can help employees understand how to use IT resources correctly.

Improve Productivity, Communications and Morale
Employees need to focus and have the right IT resources and equipment for optimal productivity. However, unresolved questions and delayed equipment requests can be roadblocks. If employees feel like they are a nuisance, they will not follow up with IT and there could be a breakdown in communications and morale.

We Should Also Be Nice to IT
For these reasons and more, it pays off to be “nice” and approachable. Likewise, we should remember to be nice and appreciative of our IT staff and consultants.  If there is an issue with understaffing/heavy workload/special projects or if you just need a second opinion, we’re here to help with a friendly nice smile! :)

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