When it comes to cybersecurity, no one is completely safe. Even the local grocery store or pharmacy can be attacked, as commonly seen in the news. Here are some of the reasons why the newest trend by hackers is to target smaller businesses.

They are Vulnerable Targets
Small businesses often see themselves as just small with nothing to offer to hackers. However, hackers prefer to attack several small ill-prepared businesses and gain more from multiple attacks than one bigger attack on a business that is well prepared with a higher chance of failing, along with the resources to track and prosecute the culprit.

Lack in Preparedness
To ensure cybersecurity requires resources and the will to ensure the same. Small businesses tend to lack both. Their internet activity puts them at risk and they often lack the necessary software training and expertise to prevent being hacked - which makes them easier targets for hackers.

It’s More Difficult to Track “Small” Attacks
To stop hackers, you require the involvement of the necessary authorities and experts. However, hackers often know how to evade detection by attacking small businesses in different geographical locations. A criminal that does this will strike again and again until small businesses start preparing!

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