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Numerous hacking incidents in the news elicit a lot of vulnerable feelings. However, many solo entrepreneurs and remote workers mistakenly believe that hackers only target larger companies. Here are some factors to be aware of.

Lack of Awareness and Preparedness Due to a lack of resources and/or lack of awareness, solo entrepreneurs and remote workers are frequently at risk for hacking and cyber attacks. Many are simply too busy to prepare for such an event. Some simple ways to reduce risk include:

  • being cautious to visit and browse only legitimate websites
  • using only legitimate downloads and apps
  • and choosing strong passwords (change your passwords on a regular basis, use different passwords for different services or websites)

Lack of Resources
Effective cybersecurity requires resources and the will to ensure the same. Entrepreneurs and remote workers tend to lack both. They often lack the necessary software training, expertise, or IT department/consultant to prevent being hacked - which makes them easier targets for hackers.

Lack of Expertise
Cybersecurity is an area that requires expert handling, and that is simply a luxury for most solo entrepreneurs and remote workers. However, it’s far cheaper in the long run to prevent this sort of risk and minimize your exposure by investing in protective and proactive measures.

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